Friday, November 28, 2014


Hubby carved the turkey.

We all filled our plates. (Note hubby's mac and cheese - it was delish!)

The we all sat around and watched football. (And I basted hexies…)

Today the Christmas decorations are coming out.

This morning (imagine drum roll here) I finished my 2014 Hexie BOM quilt top!!!! Yippee! I love it!
I'll be photographing it tomorrow for the blog post on December 1. I've been pinching myself all afternoon - so excited that it is all sewn together!!!!!

Tonight I'll be basting 3/4 inch hexies - that's right - I'm getting a jump start on the new 2015 Hexie BOM! I'm sure most of you realized that I was designing the 2014 blocks as I went. Sometimes I'd be scrounging at the last minute to design and make the block for the next month. BUT, I have already designed ALL the 2015 blocks!!! This will help me so much, as I can get ahead easily. I'll be basting a bunch of these little hexies to stockpile for the year ahead.

Tomorrow I'm hitting a couple of sales, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Then we'll be settling in to watch the Iron Bowl on TV.


  1. sounds ike you have a great Thanksgiving and wow ahead of yourself both for the hexie challenge for 2015 and the Christmas decorations, nor given a thought to Xmas yet. So looking froward to 1st when we will see the quilt in all its glory. I think I will still use 1" hexies next year as I have the papers for them but maybe i will cut out some smaller ones though |I sold the sizzix machine so would mean cutting by hand and that is not so accurate. Happy spending t the black friday sales I am avoiding them!

  2. Can't wait to see your finished product for 2014 Hexie BOM! I am feverishly working on my 1/2" but slow on the 1" for some reason - think is because I haven't completely decided how to do my sashing on that one. Ready to start making 3/4" HEXIES when my shipment arrives from Paper next week, but haven't decided on my motif for that. I am sort of wanting to do some of the fussy cutting, but not sure yet. Have so much Civil War fabric left over from the Farmer's Wife I'm doing that I should probably use up that, but not very colorful. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and hope a very Merry Christmas is coming on!

  3. Am thankful for you for the 2014 Hexie BOM and the upcoming 2015 Hexie BOM. Also getting very excited about completing the final block.

  4. Am thankful for you for taking time to design the 2014 Hexie BOM and the upcoming 2015 Hexie BOM. (We do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia)


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