Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sarah's Hexie Mania!

Look what landing in my inbox yesterday! Sarah learned this from me in Chattanooga in September and has been working on it since. Isn't it fun and colorful!???

Great job, Sarah - love it!

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen…. I just finished making the sweet potato casserole and the cornbread dressing. I'm so lazy about Thanksgiving this year that I even bought pre-chopped celery and onions for the dressing. Oh my… Hey, it's all about having a bit of time to sew later! Still trying to finish my 2014 Hexie BOM quilt top… Will I make my goal of finishing it by tomorrow? I'm not so sure. But I will definitely finish it during the weekend.

Hubby's off work today. He's already done the yard work this morning and is now washing windows and cleaning our patio. I can see him polishing the grill as we speak. It should be warm enough here tomorrow to sit outside, so he's getting it spick and span!

He really wants macaroni and cheese added to the Thanksgiving menu and has offered to make it himself. (He doesn't cook, by the way - just grills out) This will be interesting to watch. He's found a recipe and I bought the ingredients. I'm sure he'll do a great job! (And I'll have fun watching!)


  1. wow! this is fabulous! I love how the centre hexagons give focus to the rest of the quilt! Brilliant colour choices!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving folks: )
    Sarah well done, its smashing and Julia - well obviously a successful tutor !

  3. great hexie quilt. Have a lovely thanksgiving good that your weather is still warm enough to enjoy outside time


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