Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Houston: Part 4 - More Hexie Quilts

Hope you enjoy seeing more hexie quilts from the Houston International Quilt Festival! And this is not all - I have a few more hexie photos to share.

Today I'm hoping to get my LAST licenses for Hexie Love! I tried to do this the week before my Houston trip only to be told I need to bring a copy of our home deed. Of course I didn't have that with me - but I've got it handy now. The reason they need a copy of our deed is because I'm running the business from our home. I have to take the deed to the Planning Department for the city, then I have to take more paperwork to City Hall. A few more fees to pay…and then I'll be all set! Yay! I never knew it was so complicated to start a business.

My ears are still a mess - I'll probably need another doctor visit to get more meds. But today is too busy. I've gotten a fun quilty luncheon. And a mini photo shoot for Hexie Love. The first issue is coming together very nicely!

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  1. These quilts are wonderful! I do understand the annoyance of having to get all of your papers approved, though. Businessowners may see this as an added burden, but this is one of the most important parts in legalizing a business. After all of this is accounted for, you can then focus on the actual business. Good luck!

    Clyde Hudson @ Stewart Technologies


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