Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sleeping on the Job

Here is one of my coworkers, taking a morning nap yesterday. This cold weather makes him excited and hyper. Then he crashes.

In the afternoon after another romp in the cold he crashes again in a sunny spot. What a life… sweet boy!

Last night I finished the appliqué on the December BOM! One of my goals today is to work on more sashing for the quilt. I may not finish the entire quilt by Dec. 1, but I at least want to have the top done by then.

It seems you are all excited about next year's BOM! I am, too! I'm getting lots of questions! I'll try to get all information organized and give more information here SOON!!!

One reader asked why I'm not putting the new BOM in the magazine. I thought about it, but I decided to offer this for free, a gift for my readers. HOWEVER, I'm excited to announce that Paper Pieces will be providing a seasonal wall hanging pattern in EVERY issue of Hexie Love for 2015! How exciting is that!?

Many of you know that I don't make a dime on my blog itself. My husband and I have fronted the money to get Hexie Love going in January. Starting a magazine is expensive! The lifeblood of magazines is advertising. When you're starting from scratch and don't know how many subscribers you'll have, it's difficult to get advertisers on board. So I've accepted the fact that I'll be depending only on subscription income to fund the magazine for now.

I know that this magazine will be a real asset to the quilting world! I'm working hard behind the scenes to make the content interested and inspiring! All that being said, I hope you will keep the magazine going by becoming a subscriber. I'm hoping that after a year under my belt, with (hopefully!) LOTS of subscribers, I'll then be getting lots of advertisers on board! This is a necessity in order to keep the magazine going!

Until then I'm gritting my teeth, working hard, knowing that my investment of time and money will be worthwhile for you! And by the way, I'm enjoying every minute of the process! Hugs to you all...


  1. waiting for the opportunity to subscribe! I'll also pass along the link/subscription info to the quilting forum I'm active on.

  2. Yup me too and will circulate details the same : )

  3. I plan to subscribe, so does my DD. I will share the information with my Bee group and in the classes I teach.

  4. I´m thinking of get a suscription, I love the «hexies». But I need to know the cost of subscription to decide definitively. Greetings from Argentina!!!

  5. I'll definitely be subscribing too, can't wait! BTW is that a Viszla?n We have one too, they're sweeties but hyper nutso outside! LOL.


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