Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Houston: Part 1-What I Bought

If you follow Hexie Love on Facebook, then you know I came home from Houston with a nasty cold. That's okay - it was well worth it.  The International Quilt Festival in Houston is ALWAYS a great experience. I debated with myself this year whether to go to Market or Festival. I could make a case for either, but didn't want to be gone the 10-12 days it would take to attend both. In the end, Festival is what I chose. And I'm glad!

With more than 1200 quilts to view and more than 1000 vendor booths to visit, there was no time to waste. It took me every bit of 3 days to see everything I wanted to see. I went with a shopping list! And found everything on my list!

At the top of the list was some of the new Kaffee Fassett fabric. Check - two big bundles!

My new favorite thread in these three colors was on the list. Check - all three purchased!

Two yards of lovely linen - check!

Three yards of flowy rayon batik - check!

A new thimble. Okay, this was not on my list, but I love thimbles and thought I'd give this one a try.

Then I found more Kaffee Fassett fabric that I had to have.

And I bought some beautiful wool selvages - yummy colors!

I did buy a few more patterns for gifts I hope to make (so I can't show them yet).

My packing tip for Houston: I always pack a collapsed, empty duffle bag in my suitcase. Before I leave Houston, I fill it with my loot and use it as my carry on bag.

I learned so much! I even learned a new way to make hexies - can you believe that? You'll have to wait for Hexie Love to learn about that…

And the inspiration: WOW! I came home with my mind spinning with hexagons and ideas!

More to come on the quilts!!! sneeze, sniff, sneeze...


  1. that was really a nice haul from festival. Last time I went to market I had to ship some stuff back cause I went a bit crazy. Can't wait to see the new hexie method.

  2. can't wait to see a new way to do hexies

  3. fingers crossed the cold goes away soon for you can`t have you sneezing on your quilts!
    Sounds like a great time you had it is my dream to visit the show afraid just a dream. Love the Faffe bundles his fabrics are so bold and lively far too pricey here in the UK though for me. Hope you use them soon so we see ehat you have created. New way to do hexies interesting

  4. sounds like a great trip
    I'm curious about the brand of thread and the new thimble-- never seen one like that.


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