Sunday, November 30, 2014

Football Hexies

I basted LOTS of hexies while watching football yesterday - each of these stacks has 6 hexies in it. Lots of fussy cutting here! I love basting piles of hexies for later use. I already had a nice amount of 1" hexies basted and now my 3/4" hexie stash is growing.

Today I've spent some time organizing my sewing stuff. We have 3 bedrooms upstairs and one of them is my studio. The other two are for guests, BUT my sewing stuff has flowed over into both guest rooms. One of the beds was even covered with stuff. We also have an office upstairs with 2 long built-in desks - wouldn't that have been nice to have when our girls were growing up?! Of course I'd piled these horizontal surfaces up with sewing stuff, too.

In about an hour and a half I made a big dent in the mess. The piled up bed is now cleared. The desks are now cleared. I'm making one desk the Hexie Love hub. I have several bins here with items I'm planning for future issues. I have my featherweight set up on the other desk. I'm not finished, but it looks so much better up there!

I've also made smoked turkey soup today. It's loaded with turkey, barley, onions, carrots, potatoes, and cabbage, and lots of herbs. Smells wonderful! Once it cools I'm going to freeze most of it for later this winter.

Hubby and I are planning a long walk this afternoon - it's turned into a warm day here. And I have a little magazine project to work on…


  1. Pretty 'football' hexies. For some reason I have been doing lots of crochet. Better get some fabric out.

  2. How inspiring you are!!! I sure need to work on cleaning up my studio, but every time I start I end up playing with another project!!! Oh well, it only bothers me as my hubby doesn't spend a lot of time in my playroom--especially during football and racing time. But I am anxious to work on some 3/4" hexies as soon as I get my shipment of papers. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment as I cannot seem to stay away from the EPP! LOVE IT! Getting ready too for the new emag to come out!!! WHOOP WHOOP!

  3. That's what I did yesterday! Except my hexies aren't 3/4". I have to stick with the 1" for now.
    And today will be another filled with Football hexies!! Yeah!
    Your soup sounds delish.

  4. Hexi cuteness and a mini production line, am envious!
    - Ive tumbled into a black hole, depression pops back now and then and its a damned pest lol
    Nice to see others making hexi heaven mind you, so maybe theres hope for me yet!

  5. the latest hexies are looking good, can`t wait for the next block itching to get going will check later today as it is already the 1st here. Like you I have things all over the house, living on my own has its downfalls! Problem is when I tidy up I cannot find anything.

  6. I worked some on Linda White's *dear prudence* --my hexies are 3/8ths of inch, though---I am making my b.o.m. for a dear friend of the family. for her family as there are 10 members and this will be a great teaching tool for them---using their birthdays and favorite colors! :-) Thank you so very much----this is a terrific project *!*CAROLE*!*

  7. Love the look of the hall desk space! Enjoy using it! Almost makes me want to go straighten my quilting space up, but it's cold in the basement and there are a few UFOs that I don't want to tackle yet...I'll stay on the main floor, in the warmth, and work on my hexie hand project.


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