Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Slowly Back in the Groove...

The EAR! It finally popped on Sunday afternoon, so I have not been to an ENT. It clogs up off and on still, but finally I do have some relief. I know it will probably take weeks to feel completely normal again. But I am feeling better and am back at work again - thank goodness!

I've been in the studio! Yay! Lovely strip goodness!

Found this in Cooper's mouth a few days ago - oh well. I can make another one. He been on a real rampage lately. Mostly he steals socks out of the dirty clothes hamper. Cooper!

Over the weekend we installed blinds in our living room. We have four large windows (70" x 70") that we love. But sometimes a bit of privacy from our next door neighbors would be nice. I'll post a picture of the window with blinds soon, but what was interesting was how they were cut for us. We had to buy 72" blinds and have them custom cut at Lowe's. I expected them to cut them with an electric saw. But, no! They have am amazing Levolor machine! The Lowe's employee simply put the blinds in a drawer on the machine - he didn't even open the box! He pushed a few buttons on a screen and voila - the perfect cut! Levolor provides the cutting machines to Lowes - they cost $800,000!

Hexie Love is keeping me busy! It's great fun though! I'm also hard at work on the 2014 BOM quilt. I want to have my quilt top finished to show you on December 1 when I reveal the last block of the year. And I'm working on making some small Christmas gifts.

Today I'm meeting Daughter 1 for lunch - it's her birthday! 27 years old! We're going to a local cafe that serves crepes filled with yummy goodness.


  1. oops on the hexie flower! My dog probably would do the same thing! She also LOVES to steal socks from the laundry basket, but she is slowly growing out of that (she is almost a year old now). What she does keep doing though - is stealing the TP tubes from the bathroom garbage! She stays out of the kitchen garbage thank goodness, but can't keep her from stealing those TP tubes, LOL.

  2. good to read the ear has popped without any intervention. Wondering what our last block will be maybe a tree I am thinking

  3. that hexie flower is gorgeous, although chewed!
    yay! for the ear - not much worse pain than ears or teeth.
    really looking forward to next years BOM and the launch of HexieLove, this year has been great despite Yahoo letting me down with pics. I am fixing to post up on Facebook for sure with my finished table topper!

  4. Glad your ear is on the mend. My dog likes to pee on stuff. I keep the door closed in the sewing room if I have stuff on the floor. Yuck. My DD will be 27 in three weeks. She is my youngest.


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