Saturday, November 8, 2014

Houston: Part 3 - Hexagon Quilts

I was definitely a woman on a mission amongst the 1200 quilts at the Houston show - to find hexagons!
Here are some of the hexie quilts I saw. For most quilts, I take a full shot, then a close up, then a picture of the information. 

I'll try to share the rest of them tomorrow….


  1. LOVE that last quilt!
    I went to London with my daughter last month and she was totally unim pressed with me cos I was hexi spotting too............and found not a single one anywhere!
    Until at the services on the motorway on the way home and there were 3 on the side of a speedy, passing truck !!

  2. hey, do you think hexi spotting is the new train spotting? lol

  3. Fabulous quilts every one of them! I love the last quilt too. I saw pictures of the original quilt and made my own version. I'm writing up the instructions on how I did it and will be making then available free-of-charge to anyone who is interested in making their own!

  4. I love all things hexi so these quilts are just eye candy. Thanks for sharing.


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