Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Technical Difficulties Resolved!

Aren't these pretty? I love them all lined up in little rows.

I'm so glad my technical issues are resolved - Hubby fixed it yesterday. I now have my Kindle Fire loaded up with everything I need. And I have my laptop back to normal. Yay!

Yesterday I FINISHED Clue 2 for Bonnie's colors. AND I got a great start on Clue 2 done in Christmas colors. I might just be caught up when Friday rolls around!

Today I hope to sew a bit more. And then I will let myself do some work for the neighborhood party we are hosting this weekend. It will not be too much work - on our street we have parties outside since our homes are all little. We'll have all our fire pits (3) going full blast, plus a patio heater. There will be hot chocolate and hot cider to drink. And everyone will be bringing snacks. Easy peasy. (I hope!)

Okay, let's get this day going! Enjoy it!

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  1. Geese look so nice...have fun at your party! Outside is nice!!! Although, I'd have some 'hard hot cider'! HA


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