Saturday, December 30, 2017

Fabric Cutting

I had to raid my stash for the Clue 6 triangles. And they are definitely more ORANGE than coral to pink, but they are still sunset colors and I think that is the point. I got all the triangles cut for this quilt; today I'll cut the triangles for the Christmas quilt. I still haven't sewn Clue 5.

And I got up this morning to Clue 7???? What???? You're killing me, Bonnie Hunter! Haha!

Yesterday's Instant Pot adventure was making applesauce. I used this recipe

I only had five apples so it's a small batch, but very good. I've gotten several emails about my Instant Pot and IP recipes...this seems to be a popular topic at the moment, so I'll continue to share the recipes I try and like here on the blog.

NOTE: A no-reply commenter wanted to know where I got my doggy Christmas mug - it was a gift, but I believe it came from Pier 1.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I used my insta pot today to make chili is easy to make in one pot on the stove easy in the insta pot...I'm coming down with a cold and I just wanted to sit and sleep...nice that oncethe chili was done..the insta pot kept it warm and no need to stir!!! Can't tell you how many times i had chili stuck to the bottom of my saucepan because I forgot to stir it! HA

  2. Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year! Thanks for keeping us inspired. Your output is huge and I "sew" enjoy seeing what you do with the various patterns and projects.
    Barb (NY)


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