Monday, December 4, 2017

Flying Geese Out the WAZOO!

Sorry for the lack of photos - I'm having technical difficulties at the moment and hope to have them fixed soon. Last night while trying to get email on my new Kindle Fire....I managed to mess up something on my laptop. I'm sure I'll have it figured out soon. I'm lucky to have a software engineer for a daughter!


I made great progress on flying geese yesterday. I've completed 95 units (out of 200) for the quilt in Bonnie's colors. And the remaining geese for this quilt are halfway done! I hope to finish these today so I can start the Christmas quilt flying geese sewing tomorrow.

I am doing almost all the sewing while watching Hallmark Christmas movies - what fun!!!!

I have other things to accomplish around the house today, but I do hope to get a nice bit of time to sew!

Enjoy your day!

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