Friday, December 29, 2017

Alabama Pine Burr

I have a quilt finish to share with you today (click the image to see bigger). I actually finished this months ago - it was one of those secret projects. Our guild has a challenge every year. This year we each drew a fat quarter out of a bag - mine was the yellow. We had to add black and white fabric to our fat quarter to make a small quilt - no other color allowed.

The Pine Burr block is the Alabama state quilt block - does your state have an official quilt block??? I've been so inspired by Blue Mountain Daisy - she does amazing things with this block! You should go to the link and look around; I'm sure you'll be flabbergasted at her work!

So that was my starting point. Originally I planned to make 4 pine burr blocks, but the yellow fabric didn't go very far.  So I ended up with one pine burr block and some borders.  This was fun to make and I hope to do more with this pattern with other colors.

I'm feeling a bit better today - not totally well, but better. Maybe I'll feel like sewing today???? I saw Bonnie Hunter's latest clue and I'm worried that I don't have enough orange/corals left. I think I'll try to cut out the clue with what I have on hand and then move on to sewing Clue 5. If I need more coral, I'll pick it up in a few days...

Even though I haven't felt like sewing this week, I've been thinking about it. I like to have goals each new year (NOT resolutions), so I'm working on a plan for 2018. I haven't finished my plan yet, but it's getting there.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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