Friday, December 1, 2017

Back to the Christmas Animals

Yesterday was good! I did finish all my Bonnie Hunter nine patches - enough for TWO quilts.

Then I moved on to the Christmas animals. I added the two side sections. Yay! I guess the next step for this quilt is to add some red or green strips around it and then there will be more animals to come.

But today another Bonnie Hunter clue is being I will be cutting fabric for that as soon as I finish my coffee and breakfast. I love Fridays!

So this iPad fell out of my hands as I was getting out of the car a couple of days ago. The screen is absolutely shattered. It still works though. For now I'm not getting it repaired - I immediately went to Amazon and ordered a Kindle Fire - it will do everything I need for probably less money than the repair. No biggie...

Today we also want to get our Christmas decorations out - it's about time! Most of our neighborhood has already decorated; we feel behind!

Have a great one!

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