Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sewing and A Garage Sale...and A Bit of TV

I'm moving along in my Clue 3; I should finish for the Bonnie colors today (only 1/4 left to go) and start the sewing Christmas quilt pieces, too. I think I'll totally finish Clue 3 for both quilts on Friday - not too behind.

We went to a 'garage sale' yesterday in our neighborhood. They were selling furniture from model homes here that they no long need. So these items were like new - never used, only staged in new homes. We came home with several pieces for the lake house. Of course for now we are cramming them here in the cottage - creative storage - haha!

I haven't made a TV report lately, so here it goes. We finished watching Newsroom recently - wonderful! We also watched Stranger Things, finishing it a couple of days ago. It was a bit weird and scary, but we really loved it. I typically don't like Science Fiction, but that just goes to show you that sometime you need to get out of your box.

Now we are watching White Collar - really good - recommended by Daughter 1. We finished Godless last night - great show! It's a Western, again a genre I would typically not like, but I loved this! My father loved Westerns, and he would have loved this. Stick with it - the first episode is disjointed, but it all comes together eventually.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Did you watch The Five? Another goodone. BroadChurch is back with another season too. I'm waiting for Doc Martin!!


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