Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Replacing the Christmas Squares

I took a dear reader's advice (thanks SGB!) and cut more squares for my Christmas Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. This is the fabric I chose - it has the darker green, red, and ever the black of my other fabrics so I think it will work and provide more contrast against the black triangles. And I was lucky enough to have just enough of it in my stash!

As of this morning I have finished sewing Clue 4 for the quilt in Bonnie's colors; they need to be pressed. I have done half the sewing for Clue 4 in Christmas colors. I think I'll get in some sewing time today - hope so!

We have to be out and about for a bit; I need to do a bit more Christmas shopping! And we are eating lunch out. And there may be some cookie baking....

Should be a fun day! Hope you have a fun day, too!

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