Saturday, December 9, 2017


This doesn't happen often way down here in the deep South! So yes, we have to go outside early and take a few pictures when it does! The roads in the neighborhood seem fine.

 The inside of our cottage is looking festive, as well.

I spent the morning doing prep for our outdoor hot chocolate party (Sunday), but in the afternoon....oh yes, I did! I cut out all of Clue 3 for the mystery quilt in both color ways. And last night I marked the diagonal lines on half the squares. I'm hoping I can squeeze in some sewing time later today.

Stay warm!


  1. We too had this light dusting but in Michigan we're used to it. We saw Atlanta with lots of snow! WOW! You certainly are quite productive with you current project! Yea for you! Have fun at your party!! Stay warm!

  2. So pretty. We live further south, and no snow, but lots of cold expected!

  3. Had just about the same picture yesterday here near NYC. Then the roads took on a coating after dark. Looks like fairyland outside this morning. Have a lovely celebration. Thanks for being such an inspiration to those of us with more pigs, ufo's, and wombats than you!


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