Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Party's Over...

I took the summer off from my strict eating plan. I haven't been terrible, but I haven't been perfect. Some wine here and there, a cookie here and there...

Today was my day to get back to work. I'm back on 1200 calories per day. I CAN DO THIS! I will do this. But, yes....I'm hungry. The first week is the hardest; I know this from experience.

The above blocks are the beginning of my newest quilt project: Jen Kingwell's My Small World.
This looks to be a fun quilt to make. I'm taking my time, making a few blocks here and there.

I did not work on Gardendale yesterday because I got my paints out. I've promised a few paintings to some loved ones, so I need to get one going. Yesterday I did an initial sketch. Hope to paint some today, but also to sew a bit.

Okay, I'll be sending out some mini facial samples of Rodan and Fields this week! If you like one (free) send me an email with your address - juliacwood@mac.com.

Have a great day!

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  1. Geezzz by the time I eat breakfast, have a snack or light lunch, my almond milk for calcium, then my glass of wine (yes, one oz daily - Dr. said...red only...good for me!) I'm already up to 1200 cal! Yikes. I use Fitness Pal to keep track...helps walking to dogs...well,at least it allows me that wine! HA


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