Monday, August 7, 2017

A FABULOUS Weekend of Quilting

I'm back home! What a great weekend we had! What you did't know was that I wasn't at the lake with Hubby - I had a couple of quilting friends with me. We sewed our little hearts out! And laughed our socks off!

One of them completely made this eye spy quilt- she only has to add the right and bottom sashing pieces.

And the other was working on this modern chevron quilt. Both lovely quilts!

Hubby came today to take us for a boat ride. 

I was lucky to capture this photo of a guy doing a backflip from chimney rock. He has more guts than I do!

And let's end today with a puppy photo - little (but growing FAST) Sammy had a big weekend as well, I hear. He's one pooped pup!

I started another quilt while gone - I'll share that tomorrow. I'm not sure what I'll work on today. Maybe Gardenvale? I'm anxious to get that one done so I can focus on my new projects.

Enjoy your Monday!

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  1. Both quilt tops are quite nice!!! Pup is adorable!!!!! Glad you had a good time and DIDN'T jump into the water! Yikes! That's a long way down!


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