Friday, August 25, 2017

One Day Project...

It was a project day, and I don't mean quilting projects. I went through a large box that we brought back from the storage unit a few weeks ago. A box of quilts! Some are antique hexie quilts and some were my own. And yes, I had a spot prepared for them. Box empty!

And then it was on to the lumber project. Hubby helped glue and screw pieces together.

And then I did the staining. They were dry by last night and we put them in place.

Here's the before of our laundry room....

And here's the after. I wanted wooden shelves over my washer and dryer. So we screwed a skinny board to the edge of a wider board - the skinny board is a lip that covers the front edge of the wire shelves.  Yes, these shelves simply sit on top of the wire shelving. I haven't gotten everything put back yet - some stuff will not live here anymore. I'm happy and I'm glad it only took a day.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. very nice! There is nothing that I dislike more than those wire shelves. Great idea. I don't have any left either.


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