Monday, August 14, 2017

The Painting

Here's the painting I did on Saturday. This is Daughter 1 and SIL 1's home. SIL 1's birthday (30th!) was yesterday and this was one on his gifts from us.

I think I'm better at painting dogs, but it turned out okay. And he seems to like it - a very good thing! I have two more paintings to do in the near future.

Today I have a big plan and I have Hubby ready to help. We have some boxes. Lots of boxes. And they are sitting around in our bedroom. And our guest room. So we are putting our thinking caps on and trying to figure out where to put some stuff in our little house. I'm tired of looking at these boxes!  We have lots of good ideas already. In fact Hubby's leaving now to buy bed risers to lift the guest bed to provide more storage underneath. BOOM. And that's just the beginning... Hope we make good progress!

Enjoy your day!

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