Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Find!

I dove head first into my guest bedroom closet yesterday. I knew the dust ruffle and curtains were coming later in the day and that made me want to get this done.

There was a Craftsy box on a shelf. Okay. I remember at some point in the last few years ordering a quilt kit from Craftsy when it was on sale. I only would have ordered if it was a big sale! But for the life of me I couldn't remember what it looked like. I had never even opened the shipping box.

Surprise! Oh, I remember now! And I still love this pattern! This came out of the box and will be coming out to play before long.

I made GREAT progress in the closet. The dust ruffle came and is now on the bed. I hope to finish getting this room back together today! Curtains still need to be hung.

I had a fun lunch break. My bestie from college was in town - we fall right back into our friendship when we see each other, like no time has passed.

We ended the day with a sunset golf cart ride with the Mick. (He got a bath yesterday and he smells so good.) Ahhh....

Back to closet and under-the-bed organizing for me - sewing to come SOON!


  1. What a fun find in the closet. There CAN be a benefit to cleaning. LOL

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