Monday, August 21, 2017

A New Use for a Quilting Ruler

To hang the curtain rod in the guest bedroom we needed to go 6 inches over and 13.5 inches from the ceiling. Quilting ruler to the rescue! We marked and drilled and got the curtains up.

Nothing fancy, but they're up! You'd never know how much quilting stash I have hidden in that 33.3 cubic feet under the bed. I prefer this bed lower....but I really love all the hidden storage. 

This is a very simple bedroom - all the linens are white. The only color comes from throw pillows and the quilt at the foot of the bed. I know - said quilt is not there yet, but it will be soon. And I need to finally hang some artwork in here.

And the closet - it's not overstuffed any longer. Those hangers contain quilt tops - still to be quilted. The blue cart is my Rodan and Fields stuff - I think I can move it to our master closet. (UPDATE: I did move the blue cart.) And look! There's an empty shelf above! Hooray!

I made some time for machine sewing. I have this Bring Me Flowers block ready for stems and ready to appliqué the circles.

Here in the US many are excited about the eclipse today. No, we didn't buy the special glasses. We're staying inside and watching it on TV. My eyes are too precious to me to even take a chance. Though it is a very cool thing!

Happy Eclipse Day!


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