Monday, August 28, 2017

Gardenvale: FINISHED!

Ba-da-BOOM! I finished the binding last night! LOVE this quilt! I ended up making it smaller than planned. I just love a lap quilt - we use them constantly. And we only have so many beds...

The quilt-as-you-go plan worked out great. It's so good to be able to list a finish at long last.

Our weekend was SO busy. Friday night Hubby went to Montgomery with D1 to our SIL1's football game (SIL1 is a coach) - he didn't get home until really late. I stayed home to finish a painting. Saturday we went to Birmingham for the day. We got to visit with D2, SIL2, and their sweet puppy. We also got to see D2's office at her new job, went out to lunch, and shopped at Trader Joe's.

It was a fun day -  but we were exhausted though by the time we got home. Cooper and Mickey were so glad to see us! While we were gone (I'm a bit embarrassed to even post this) Cooper had a snack. What did he eat? The painting I had finished the night before. Oh yes, he did. There was not a scrap left. At least it wasn't something valuable.

Yesterday I painted the same thing yet again. And I'm keeping it HIGH! Yes, I still love him. I just had to laugh. I've learned not to get upset about little things like this - life is too short.

Have a great day!

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  1. Cooper ATE the painting? Really?? OMG...and he didn't get sick. That is a funny story but also not so funny. I too really like your Gardenvale quilt!!! It turned out wonderful!!!


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