Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Quilts!

The Quilts! That's what we really go to Houston to see, right? Lots of bloggers have been posting photos of quilts. I'm trying not to show the same quilts that have been seen over and over. I'm trying to share quilts that maybe you have not seen on-line....

Each quilt is followed here with a photo of the placard giving all the information as to the title, maker, etc. 

This quilt really caught my attention. I loved the color, the lines, the composition.

But I was surprised as I got closer to see how it was made. Raw edged strips of fabric layered and machine stitched on top of black fabric.

Wow. So effective. I could see that the quilt was made in 9 squares that were later stitched together.

Another wow.

Look at all the vertical hand stitches over every single small strip of fabric.

This quilt struck me because of the subject matter. At first I simply saw a flag.

But when I got closer, I saw the tessellating guns.

I am a certified math geek. Got to love a Pi quilt!!! Look at the borders...the number PI is machine quilted around the quilt.

So these are just a few random quilts that struck my fancy. I still have a few more to share.

Great news! I finished the Bliss pattern yesterday! I'll publish it later today here on the blog - it will be under the Hexie Love tab at the top of the page.

I worked on planning my new quilting schedule to go forward. I'm still tweaking it - so many projects I want to work on! And now that Bliss is behind me (except for quilting it!), I'm anxious to start a new hexie project. I have the fabric picked out already! AND I learned a new-to-me hexie trick at the Moda booth at Festival - I'll share it with you once I get my new hexie quilt started!

So, I'm off to the pool. And then I'll work on....well, I'm not exactly sure what I'll work on today. I guess I need to finalize my schedule. And I have a few more bins to sort through to get my sewing room in tip top shape. That sounds like a good plan to me!

Hope your day is splendid!


  1. Thank you, Julia. I hadn't seen those quilts in another set of photos. Off the check out the pattern.

  2. Love seeing some different pieces from the show!!! Thanks! these are all so unique!


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