Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The People!

The people!!! The people are what make Quilt Festival special! Here's one special person I got to finally meet IN PERSON! Rhonda Dort was standing by her prize winning quilt - Second Chances - which one 3rd place in the Embellished category!!!! Well deserved, Rhonda! We hugged and had a nice chat - I felt like I already knew her!!!

And how about these two - dressed for fun!!! Love their spool hats!

 This group comes to Festival every year, dressed in their period finery. They were impeccable from head to toe, makeup, accessories, shoes, hats, etc.

So these two are real people, but aren't they a cute pair??? Just had to include them!

Tomorrow I'll move on to my favorite quilts and why I like them.

I'm a bit late posting today - I decided to swim first. I'm pushing every single day to swim more laps. 

Yesterday's errands took longer than expected and we added eating lunch out to our schedule. I was hoping to come home with a new washing machine ordered. BUT... The store we use told us it would be better to wait a bit to get more questions answered. Who is going to take the recalled washing machine? And now we're hearing Samsung may issue recalls on some dryers. Hope they recall mine! Then I can justify getting a new matching set! 

Today I'll be working on the Bliss pattern with full force! I hope to get it finished or ALMOST finished today. I will say this: I promise to publish it by the end of the week!!!

Have a great day!

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  1. I saw the period dressed people also... just lovely!!!
    The spool heads were asked why they wore those and I was near enough to hear them say... it makes it easier to find each other:) haha!!!! We just texted each other:)
    Was a lot of fun!


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