Thursday, November 17, 2016

Stocking Are Hung????

This is shocking! I have always believed in one holiday at a time: no Christmas decorating until AFTER Thanksgiving! But we are having a big family Thanksgiving. We are not having a big family Christmas due to work and travel schedules of said family. So I thought it would be nice to have Christmas decorations up while everyone is here next week. This is our first Christmas in the cottage and it was fun to figure out where things should go. In our last house, the main room was so big that it took THREE large trees to sufficiently decorate. Here we're only using one four foot tree (not pictured) on an antique table. I put my favorite ornaments on it and put other cutsies out and I am DONE! The wreath (above on the coffee table) just needs to be hung on the front door as soon as the Command hook is set.

And what did I sew yesterday???? NOTHING, I'm afraid.... The day got away from me. But I'm glad we went to the storage unit to get Christmas stuff and I'm glad the house is decorated. Bring on Thanksgiving!

Today on my schedule is my UFO that has basket blocks and clamshells. BUT I haven't found the clamshells. I think I'll hand stitch down the basket handles to make some progress on this. And maybe, just maybe, I'll work on cutting out New Bedford.

The deer were very brave last night. They came around to our front yard and ate our potted pansies. Oh well. Glad they are full, I guess.

Have a great day!


  1. So nice of you to 'feed the deer'! HA I too have Christmas decorations up. Tree was up last week...hubby's son and family will be here Thanksgiving weekend so we'll have another turkey dinner and other foods! I like having the house decorated for them. Besides, we leave on the 27th of December so I take the decorations down Christmas night after hubby's daughter and her hubby leave! HA

  2. Let's say you are averaging with me who may not get any up at all, except the Christmas card tree on the door. =) Love how those stockings look!


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