Saturday, November 12, 2016


Here's the before.

And here's the after! BOOM! Done! See those three bins in the middle? I'll be putting them in a closet today. So lovely to be done and organized. You will also notice that we hung my little Ikea bucket thing to store scissors, marking tools, and miscellaneous small things.

Here what the fabric looked like before...

And here's the after, pressed and neatly folded. Yes, this is all Kaffe fabric. Yes, I have a lot of it (this is only a fraction...).

I think I have my new schedule ready. I've decided to relegate all hand work projects (except hexies) to afternoons and evenings. And so these items will not appear on the schedule. These hand projects include Farmer's Daughter, Lollypop Trees hand quilting, and a Sue Spargo project - I have a few Sue Spargo wool pieces in progress and want to get back to them.

Monday-  Machine Quilting (finish Summer on the Beach, then Allietare, then Bliss)
Tuesday- New Bedford (new kit from Festival)
Wednesday- En Provence (Bonnie Hunter mystery)
Thursday- UFO - this quilt has baskets, clamshells, etc - my own design
Friday- HEXIES! My new Curved Hexie quilt!

So this makes EIGHT projects I'll be working on at one time. OH MY! On weekends I'll work on whatever strikes my fancy as usual. We'll just see how this works for a bit.

Okay, I'm off to the pool. I skipped yesterday so I really need to go this morning. Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Woo hoo!!! Feels good to be organized doesn't it!!! You are my idol right now! HA

  2. When you have that many projects, you need the schedule! This looks very workable. I'm impressed with your organization.


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