Saturday, November 26, 2016

Lots of Basting Done!

This curved hexie quilt is coming along! I've been so glad to have this at the ready to work on this week! I can sit and visit with family and stitch at the same time. This layout is not set in stone - I'm thinking I may twist things around a bit, or even swap out with different fabrics here and there. You might notice that I switched out the center hexagon - I wasn't happy with the previous one. 

Yesterday was a quiet day. Our pool trip didn't go quite as expected. Our heated pool - normally at a temperature of 92 degrees F - was COLD! Burr! The heater wasn't working. But we swam anyway. I let the facility know about the pool and hopefully they'll fix it soon!!!

I hit a hit a 'wall' in the afternoon and fell asleep on the sofa. A little nap did me lots of good.

And today? It's FOOTBALL day!!! And hexie hand sewing! And eating leftovers! 

Tomorrow we'll be taking Mom back home to Georgia. Next week I'll get back on my sewing schedule. I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Loving your curved hex piece!!!! I crashed today just ordering the majority of my Christmas gifts online! Not waiting until Cyber Monday! HA

  2. Your curved hexagons are amazing. It sounds like it was a wonderful holiday weekend for you. I'm glad your mother could come. There's no one better to have around on a holiday - or any day!


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