Wednesday, November 16, 2016

One Swag Bag Complete!

Yesterday I had planned to cut out a quilt (more on that in a minute), but first I really wanted to finish this bag. And I did!

And I'm already using it - it's the perfect size for my Farmer's Daughter block-in-progress and all the sewing supplies needed.

So about that cutting. I pulled out the Gardenvale kit and my wedge ruler. I made the first long cuts in the fabric. Okay, let's cut some dresden wedges! I cut a few. And then I stopped. I learned that all wedge rulers are not the same! My wedge ruler is 9 degrees - I would need 40 wedges to make a circle. The pattern calls for a different wedge ruler that will make a circle with only 20 wedges. Okay. Back to square one. I got on Amazon and ordered the correct wedge ruler. It will arrive tomorrow.

I called the quilt shop that sold me the New Bedford quilt kit at Houston yesterday morning. They were so nice and offered to email the pattern so I could have it quickly. About the time I gave up on cutting Gardenvale, the New Bedford pattern arrived in my in-box. But by now the day was almost gone.

And so I didn't accomplish much in the way of quilting. But today is another day. En Provence is up on the schedule, but of course, this doesn't start until Black Friday. And so I will get to choose what to work on. Hmmm. Either I will cut out New Bedford...or I will start a new curved hexagon quilt.

I did make my Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole and froze it. So that's something.

I hope you have a productive day!



  1. Bag is adorable!!! And so useful!

  2. Charming little bag. I might be behind in my reading. Is it your own pattern or one I should know about? (thanks)


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