Saturday, November 19, 2016

Curved Hexies Happened!!!

Yesterday hexies were on my schedule. I wasn't sure if that would happen. But it did happen last night during TV time! I started a new that has been in my brain for months. But I wouldn't let myself start until I had finished patterning Bliss - by the way, I keep forgetting to mention that I did upload the rest of the Bliss pattern here - look under the Hexie Love tab at the top.

Excuse the blue tape - that's the one I'm stitching at the moment. So did you notice something? I'm doing this one all by hand! I felt I had to use glue basting and machine stitching on Bliss because of time constraints. But this quilt? No time constraints!!!!

Another change: my last two hexie quilts (Odyssey and Bliss) were done with a wide variety of fabrics, lots of colors, lots of manufacturers, etc. 

But I'm only using one line of fabric for this quilt. It's Bee Creative by Moda. I've had this fabric for almost a year - a half yard of each fabric. I've been hoarding saving it for this quilt.

And look at the bees on the selvage!!! I think this fabric was meant for a hexagon quilt. I'm super excited that I've finally started this quilt - it will progress every Friday and some weekends, too. No rush.

In other related news...the Curved Hexagon Ruler will soon be available to purchase January....stay tuned. So many design possibilities with this ruler!!!

My cart runneth over. Yes, the BIG Thanksgiving shopping trip happened. Whew! AND I made four loaves of bread. Whew! Today I have a few things on my list, but it will be a slower day than yesterday. I planned it that way so I can sit, hand stitch, and watch football. 

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. I still haven't used your curved hexie ruler yet...yet!!! Actually, I think I may have left it in Florida!!! It's not in my hex bag...but I'm working away on my small hex project...all blue! HA Really like what your doing now too!!! Don't you just love hand work!!!

  2. So intrigued by your curved hexies! I guess I'll have to get the ruler when it is available! Love the Bee Creative fabric too!!!

  3. I love this, AND your wonderful fabric. There was a terrific bee fabric out this summer with the row by row, and I got quite a bit, but not nearly as much as you have!

  4. How do you recommend finishing the quilt (hexie love) with the uneven edges?

  5. Julia, do you have a pre order list for the Curved Hexagon Ruler? I'd like to buy one. Love this first hexie you've made.


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