Monday, November 7, 2016


The International Quilt Festival in Houston is in the rear view. The equivalent of nine football fields of quilty goodness! More than 60,000 people! What fun I had!

I have so much to share. I have so many photos and stories. Today I thought I'd start with a few photos I took of color. As you can imagine, it is a colorful event! Color overload!

During this week I'll be sharing some of my favorite quilts in the show.

I'll share my purchases. Did I stick to my list???? Hmmm...

And I'll share some photos of interesting people.

I came home 'sew' inspired! I can't wait to get back into my stitching!

But first on my list is to finish patterning Bliss! I'll be working on it today!

Before that,  I'm going for a swim. Did you know I swam while in Houston? The Hyatt has a beautiful outdoor heated pool and I had a nice long swim one morning.

Yesterday I was busy doing laundry, and grocery shopping, and trying to save a puppy who had been hit by a car - I was too late. :( Now all the chores are done and I can spend the week concentrating on quilting. I've decided to forgo my schedule this week - I'll be patterning Bliss every day until it is complete! And then I'll need to design a new schedule!!!

Stay tuned for more Houston photos tomorrow!


  1. Color is right. It is a wonderful show. Sorry I missed it this year, but my Mom went (psst - she's 90). I can hardly wait to hear what she has to tell me. And yes, she bought some cross-stitch.

  2. look forward to pics....don't even want to know about the puppy sniff, sniff

  3. Looks like you hadca sew delicious time, with all that yummy colour.


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