Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Sashing Has Begun!

If you're a member of Hexie Love Open Studio on Facebook, you got a sneak peak at this last night!
Since I'd already selected this fabric from my stash, it was super fast to cut the strips and stitch them to the blocks. I'd like to add a more complex outer border...still thinking on that! Maybe a hexie border? I feature a hexie border design in every issue of Hexie Love, so maybe one of these patterns?
By the way, I cut 2.5" strips for this sashing. I have all the remaining strips cut for the rest of the quilt, too.

If you haven't started the 2015 Hexie BOM yet, you still can! The patterns are all under the tab at the top of this page.

This morning I'm working on the Perle Cotton stitching on the August BOM. When I first sat down I couldn't find my ball of thread. I'm sure you know the first place I looked...Cooper's mouth! Yes, there it was! Cooper! No harm done - I found it in time, thank goodness. So what else has he had in his mouth recently? Let's of my credit cards (I still need to call and get a new one) and a foam drink sleeve (destroyed completely).

Today will be a busy one. After finishing the Perle Cotton Stitching, I have several phone calls to make, a bit of cooking, and lots of computer work. Let's make it a Happy Hexie Day!


  1. I relly like the fabric you picked for the sashing - makes the blocks stand out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. this is looking great, naughty Cooper, cannot blame him for a ball of perle I have lost completely disappeared and unfortunately DMC have discontinued so many of the range it cannot be replaced.

  3. It must be one of those days - I found a hexagon in my cat's mouth! The BOM quilt looks fabulous!


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