Monday, July 6, 2015

A Quilt Label and...A New Way to Get Hexie Love Coming Soon!

Last night I sewed the label on my Eye 1 quilt, TWICE. I put in the wrong corner the first time. Today I'll pack it up and ship it off for the Grand Rapids show.

I've been working hard behind the scenes this weekend to find another way to get my Hexie Love magazine to you. And I'm pretty sure I've found it!!!!! I still have to do a bit more work to set up the system, BUT I know it will be easier for you, the customer!!!! I'm so excited about this!

Today I'm packing up the car - I'm making a road trip to Atlanta tomorrow to lecture and teach a class. What fun we'll have! Hexies will be flying!

What else am I doing today? I'm pulling out my neck tie hexies to do some basting, I'm working on the designs for next year's hexie BOM, and maybe I'll even baste some 3/4" hexies for the August BOM.

Hope you have a happy hexie day!


  1. Hmmm, I am unaware there is a wrong corner for a quilt label?

  2. like Kathy I did not know there was a corect corner for alabel.
    Good news re the magazine as I have been unable to download mine, emails flying back and forth to joomag who keep saying it is working but I have problems with ads from google and instead of downloading when I pop the code in an ad appears and the says download not allowed so looks like no magazine for me this time


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