Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Ophan Block Top...continued

I allowed myself a bit of studio time this morning to play with the orphan blocks. You can see I added some black and white striped fabric. And yes, I have more orphan blocks to go. I like the current width of the quilt, but I plan to add more to the bottom. This thing is almost done!  And it's so ugly, that I think it's pretty cool, and pretty in it's own ugly way.  I will always think of my Birthday Block friends when I use this quilt.


  1. your orphan blocks are telling me to get all my practise pieces out and make a quilt of them mind you that will have to wait until some of the projects I have on the go are completed!

  2. Ugly? Nope! Funky? Yes! Such lovely memories to hold in your quilt. Lovely bright colours.

  3. love the black and white stripe!!

  4. Oh, there's nothing ugly about it! Coordination and symmetry are beautiful but let's never overlook the wild, natural beauty of controlled chaos! This quilt is like a roadside field of wildflowers. It's just breathtakingly awesome! :)

    1. I second that Phantom-Rose! Couldn't have said it better.


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