Friday, July 3, 2015

Hexie Coffee...

I'm enjoyed my coffee this morning in my new hexie mug. I got the set at Sam's Club, though this is the only hexie design in the set. I claim this one as mine.

Yesterday I visited with one of my good friends (who will be quilting Odyssey). I was lucky enough to see some of her collection of family quilts - yes, her mother, grandmother, and even great grandmothers were hexie quilters.

Look at all the fussy cutting!

And here's the entire quilt. LOVE!

Hubby has the day off from work today. We don't have any big plans for the holiday weekend. I want to do some sewing (big surprise!) and some magazine work and some cooking.


  1. The mug is so cool! Love the hexagon pattern on it.

    The quilt is too beautiful for words!

  2. lovely vintage quilt -- thanks for sharing!!


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