Monday, July 27, 2015

Long Hexie List Today!

Today's photo is the top shelf of my rolling cart - crowded with all my hand sewing paraphernalia. Look closely. Do you see Cooper in the background? Having his morning nap in Hubby's recliner?

I have more than 3 things on my list today - not ever a good idea. I need to narrow it down! I do need to go to the grocery store if we expect to eat this week. I think that will be the first thing I get done.

I'll be doing some computer work - SO CLOSE to having Hexie Love transitioned away from the previous software (Joomag) to the new delivery system...

AND, if I'm lucky, I'll get in a bit of sewing!

I'll be meeting Daughter 2 and her fiancé at a possible wedding reception venue at lunch - we hope to tie down the venue and the date by the end of the week - then the other details will start falling into place.

I wish you lots of Hexie Love from here!


  1. it must be so exciting planning your daughter`s wedding.
    Re hexie BOM have not posted any of my block sthis year as I do not do facebook, is there another way to post them?

  2. Love how our furbabies sit in our chairs when we vacate. I do not now how you fit all you do in, and now a wedding to plan how exciting. No doubt Cooper will be involved (albeit running off with things he should not be!!)


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