Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Chicken Casserole, Take 2

In between computer work and hexies, I cooked a PILE of chicken breast yesterday. I like to cook chicken in the crock pot with some water, salt, and pepper. The chicken turns out tender and juicy this way, and I can make lots of recipes with it. It's easy to package in freezer bags and stick it in the freezer for another time, too. So anyway, I cooked about 3 pounds of chicken breasts.

While it was hot, I shredded it and divided it into two large casserole dishes. I left it on the counter to cool a bit (planning to make two large chicken casseroles.

I went outside for a few minutes and came back to find this. COOPER! Did he have a guilty look on his face? No! He was joyful, as if to say, "Look! I ate it all for you! It was so good! Aren't you proud of me?" He kept looking back and forth from me to the counter. "I couldn't reach some of it - can you help?" Uh, no! You've had more than plenty.

So I went back to the grocery store and bought more chicken. This morning I'll cook chicken AGAIN and make sure I keep Cooper away from it!

I did get a lot of quilty stuff done though. And today I will again!

We have a friend staying with us for a couple of nights. I grew up with her and now she lives with her husband in China. Alway fun to have her and hear stories of her life in China.

Better go get the chicken cooking....


  1. Ha! We had an Airedale who ate a whole roast off of our grill once. My hubby went into the house for 10 seconds!! and the whole thing was gone ;-)

  2. Your post made me smile! Dogs will be dogs. So nice of Cooper to clean up the kitchen for you. Happy Cooking!


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