Friday, July 24, 2015

My Hexie Birthday Gifts...

I've been promising to share my birthday gifts from a couple of weeks ago. The last item arrived yesterday! First up is BOTH Millefiori books by Willyne Hammerstein (from Hubby). LOTS of eye candy within!!!

Do you know what this is? They are nail wraps from Jamberry! (From Daughter 2). They aren't really hexie related, but I think these do look like quilt patterns!

Here are the ones I got. (Got some Auburn ones for football season!) My nails are going to rock!

Daughter 1 gave me a gift card to Hancock's of Paducah and my mom gave me some cash- lots of fun fabrics are now residing with me. I picked colorful options for fussy cutting. A girl can never have too much fabric!

And this is the most special gift ever - my new hexie necklace! This is something Hubby found on his own! It's very delicate and dainty. The fine chain runs right through the center of the hexagon.

This has been a super duper busy week! Today I'll try to slow down a bit. This morning I'm making some homemade mashed potatoes for my son-in-law - he's getting his wisdom teeth out this afternoon  and I'm hoping he'll feel like eating tomorrow. The only other thing on my list is some computer work.



  1. What great birthday gifts! That necklace is really lovely. Willyne's books have been on my wishlist and one day I'll be adding them to my library.

  2. happy birthday, you have some lovely presents, have seen the book but way over my head. Love money as a present and what better way to spend it than on more fabric. The necklace is beautiful and so right for you the hexie queen

  3. Happy Birthday! What wonderful gifts. You are blessed.

  4. happy birthday, you have some lovely presents.What great birthday gifts


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