Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Orphan Block Top: DONE!

Yesterday I spent only about 30 minutes to finish this lovely. Yes, I'm no longer calling it ugly. (And thank you to all who sent me such nice comments about this quilt.) It's just funky enough to love. I really need to write a tutorial on making an orphan block quilt because I figured out lots of tricks and hints along the way.

You can see I added another strip of the black and white fabric. The quilt looks a bit crooked in the photo, but that's just the photo angle. It turned out pretty straight.

So now I have yet another quilt top that needs quilting. I really need to set aside a block of time to do some layering and basting so that the quilting can be accomplished in little bits of time, since little bits of time seems to be all I have in between hexies and the magazine.

I also finished stitching together the motif for the August BOM. This morning I'll be doing the appliqué. And the rest of the day will be devoted to the transition of Hexie Love.

The weatherman says it will feel like 105 degrees F! So I'll be working inside the cool house for sure.
If you're not a part of the Hexie Love Open Studio group of Facebook - go join! So many are sharing their BOM's there - lots of hexie beauty! And there have also been some competed BOM quilts from last years' patterns. Fun stuff!


  1. a wonderful quilt you have here, a tutorial would be appreciated when you have a spare moment that is! I do like quilts with different sized blocks, have done the aiming for accuracy one and have bought the pattern for the next one too

  2. Love this quilt in every way- congrats on the finish!


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