Sunday, October 1, 2017


Sewing? What sewing?

I did sew a good bit Wednesday, but nothing really to show for it. I have less errands/meeting this week, so I'm hoping to be more productive. That dress above? I would love to finish it this week.

I have some beautiful knits and I'd really like to make another dress when I finish the one above.

That secret project? I want to work on it a good bit.

The two quilts recently back from the long armer? I want to make and apply the binding.

If I can do all the above, I'll be a very happy camper!

It didn't help that I had a killer headache yesterday and was pretty much useless. But I woke up feeling wonderful today! And when I took the doggies outside: FALL is here! It's actually COOL! Yippee!

Enjoy your day!

1 comment:

  1. Secret projects are so much fun! I look forward to seeing this one. The fabric looks pretty.