Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dress Cut!

I did get the dress cut out yesterday. This will be a casual knit dress with 'cold shoulder' sleeves. The front of the dress will be the fabric on the left. The back of the dress will be the fabric on the right. This plan was out of necessity: I only had one yard of each fabric. That wasn't enough to make a dress from one single fabric. These two knits go so well together so I think it will be cool. Hope so!

Late in the afternoon I went to Walmart for a grocery pickup I'd order earlier in the day. All went well, except when I came home I found the doggies had eaten their weight in doggy treats. UGH! I had left the laundry room door open and Cooper managed to reach them. I think he brought a few to Mickey, too. What a pair! 

Now that we're have cooler weather, I'm craving something hearty and hot. So I've got a beef stew in the slow cooker. 

I think I'll spend the day doing some machine piecing. Have a wonderful day!

1 comment:

  1. Look forward to your next dress reveal!!! Those little buggers!!! They can sure find stuff...but at least no bread! HA