Friday, October 6, 2017

Another Flower

I got back to Bring Me Flowers yesterday - yay me! First I made this little diamond unit.

And then I appliquéd it to the unit. These are cute, aren't they. I need to make 2 more of the little units to make one block.

Hubby and I went out to lunch. I looked down and realized my clothing totally matched the napkin at the restaurant - I fit right in!

So what's up  today? I would like to sew a couple more seams on that dress. And make another little flower unit. And I really want to find a small pile of blocks I made years ago - I have an idea for them, if and when I find them - haha! I know they're here somewhere...



  1. The diamond flower is adorable!!! So nice you were coordinated for your lunch!

  2. They are time consuming, but very appealing! Yay for restaurant styling! LOL


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