Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Another Block!

I finished this block last night - I love it! I can tell Fall is here, not only by how cool it is this morning, but also because the light is changing...hence the poor photograph. It looks so much better in person! I think I'll have to find a new spot to photograph during Fall and Winter.

I'm still trudging away on my 'secret' computer project and it seems to take away from my sewing time. But I still try to sew some every single day.

I cooked a shrimp dish last night and it was really terrible. I thought I was adding garlic powder, but added garlic salt instead. It was WAY too salty! But Hubby ate it without complaining and I managed to get it down, too. But it was pretty disgusting. It happens sometimes.

Today I think I'll cut out another dress. I'll be using a different pattern and some pretty knit fabric I have on hand. And maybe I'll work on one of my piecing projects? Sounds like a plan!

Have a great one!

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  1. Whatever happened to that really cool top you were working on several months ago? The one you had to cut holes in the top layer? Or, something like that.


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