Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Dress Questions....

I'm finding it interesting that I have received exponentially more views from recent posts of dresses I've made than on my quilting! I've gotten lots of questions, so here are the answers.

What is the pattern for the knit dress?
Simplicity 8383

Where did you get the fabric?
I ordered it on-line at She has a gorgeous selection of knit fabrics (and other garment fabrics, as well).

Was it hard to sew with knits?
No, it wasn't bad at all. I did use a 'stretch' needle.

I can make quilts, but have never made a garment. Would this be an easy pattern to make?
Yes! The instructions are very good. If you've never made a garment, just know that the seam allowance should be 5/8 inch instead of the 1/4 inch we use in quilting.

As you can see above, I stitched the stars on top of the circles to finish these blocks...ready for the vase!

Have a nice day!

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