Monday, October 2, 2017

Sewing!!! And Sadness....

I prepared this happy blog post last night. And I wake up this morning to the horror that happened overnight in Las Vegas. I was listening to this very concert on my car radio earlier in the day as I went here and there. Prayers for Las Vegas.

And now the blog post...

Look at me! I sewed! This was easy - I had cut the binding pieces way back when I cut out the quilt in the early Spring. All I had to do was sew them together and press. And then I stitched it onto New Bedford. Ready for hand sewing!

I also made some progress on another project. Woohoo!

And I went to a clothing party - yes, I bought a couple of new pieces. And then I did a grocery pickup at Walmart. A very good day, indeed.

Today I hope to make the binding for I'm A Farmer's Daughter. And maybe work on the dress? This dress I'm making? It's really for Spring/Summer. But if I like it I may make another one in fall colors.

Enjoy your day. Be safe. Be thankful.

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  1. It has been an overwhelming amount of devastation the last month, hasn't it? Congratulations on working on the bindings. My least favorite job.


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