Saturday, October 7, 2017

It's Almost a Dress!

 I'm making progress. I only have one more curved piece to stitch in place and then I'll be ready to finish the arm holes and add the collar. If you noticed that gathered spot at the's supposed to be there.

Here's what it will look like. The details will not be very visible with this busy fabric, but if I like the way it fits I plan to make it a more simple knit. Cute pattern, isn't it? I wonder if my daughters would like one, of course in a more sophisticated, work appropriate fabric.

Dinner last night: frozen supreme pizza. I rearrange it before it goes in the oven because Hubby doesn't like pepper and olives and I do! We are both happy - haha!

We have another hurricane headed toward us. Nate is not as strong as the last one, but this time we are on the 'bad' side. It's expected to be here tonight and tomorrow. 

Hope you have some relaxing time today...


  1. I hope you were not greatly impacted by Nate. I saw the storm surge photos along the Gulf, and heard that more than 100,000 people lost electricity. I hope you were not in that number, or the flooding areas. This has been an awful hurricane season! We had remnants of Nate up here today. It's been raining for 24 hours now, but it's hilly, and probably no flooding. We've had enough sunshine in September and October that the ground should be able to soak it up.


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