Monday, June 15, 2015

Thank You, Mary Huey!!!

Mary Huey, you are a genius!!! Mary emailed me over the weekend with an idea for fixing the center of my Odyssey quilt without having to redo all that appliqué! She sent me drawings and everything! Why didn't I think of this? I'm just glad Mary did!!!!

The basic idea is to chop off the corners and add new triangles to the top, bottom, and sides. Brilliant!!!

I will have to un-sew the center medallion from the quilt and then put it back in place later. But this will be far easier and quicker than having to do all that appliqué again.

I am beyond thrilled!

You can visit Mary at

Today's list includes un-sewing the center medallion, hand sewing some binding, and maybe even some hexie making!

Happy Hexie Monday!!!


  1. I follow Mary's blog. She is one smart cookie!

  2. So, moving the background instead of the stuff on top - brilliant! But, why would you have to undo the center? I was just looking at your photo from the other day again and it looks like if you just move the corners everything else will line up perfectly. Maybe it would still be a little off and I just can't tell from the photo...I guess I would move the corners first before undoing anything and then see where things are after that. Just trying to help save you some more work if possible! :)

  3. I don't know about being a genius? But I do have a deep reservoir of experience from teaching and shop owning when it comes to solving quilt issues. Thanks for the pat on the head!!