Thursday, June 11, 2015

Colors and Kindness

Our backyard is blooming with beautiful colors.

Lovely flowers.

My favorite colors.

Is it only Thursday? It seems like this week has been going on FOREVER! Hubby and I are trying to figure out why many people are so mean. Last night we were on our way to dinner, turning left at an intersection, with the blinker on. The car behind us honked repeated and then made an obscene gesture as he sped past. What was the point? We were doing nothing wrong.

I went to a flower/gift shop yesterday afternoon. At various times I saw four different employees, but could not get anyone's attention to help me. So after 10 minutes I left.

Come on people. Let's be kind and helpful and NICE to each other. Put a smile on your face. Slow down. Love your neighbor. Turn the other cheek.

Off my soapbox now, I promise!

Yesterday was MOMENTOUS! I put the VERY LAST STITCH in the Odyssey quilt top. I can's even begin to tell you how gorgeous it is! It is BY FAR my favorite quilt I have ever designed and made.

So today I will be working on the magazine, which I've been neglecting because I couldn't stop working on Odyssey. What a feeling!

I hope you have a great day! Go smile at someone!

Hi to Lybia - loved finally meeting you in person last night!!!!!


  1. I hear ya! And those are the people who complain how rude everyone else is!! LOL Some days I think the world has gone crazy... and then I just want to stay home and quilt

  2. I agree that some people behave badly and although tempted to react I just tell myself maybe there is something going on in their life that is making them behave that way. The only person I can control is me so I try to be as kind, generous and pleasant as possible (mind you I'm sure I do things that drive others to distraction)!

    Your flowers are beautiful and the colours remind me of your quilts!

  3. Well, my hubby is one of those rude people...geezzzz...he follows too close and gets to upset. I can just see him on a road rage segment on TV sometime!! Yikes...don't know why folks don't just take it easy...but not as 'easy' as the employee at the gift/flower shop! Hard to find that happy medium isn't it!

  4. People are going at a hectic pace - whether in their car, home or job. Congrats on your finish. Can't wait to see it.

  5. Your post struck a note with me. I am a nurse and nurses can be horrid to each other, true but sad. We have a lovely young nurse, Lizzie, and she says the same thing as you "Let's be kind and helpful and NICE to each other". My old Granny used to say if you cannot say something nice say nothing! or Do unto to others .....

    Thank you for today's post. In my rose coloured glasses view, a smile can go a long way xo