Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hexies and Cooper

I had such a productive day yesterday!!!! The only problem was that the things I did were not on my list for the day. Oh well, at least I accomplished something...

You guessed it...I sewed instead of doing computer work. Maybe today I'll stick with the computer.

I realize I haven't tacked anther UFO in a few months. I haven't forgotten my list, but I'm focusing on the Odyssey quilt now (the progressive quilt in Hexie Love). In the magazine world, you have to plan months ahead. And that means that I'm trying to finish Odyssey so I can have it quilted well in advance of the Nov/Dec issue.

Cooper update: no hexies were chewed yesterday! Yay, Cooper. However, I did spot him stealing something off the kitchen counter and diving under the big ottoman with it. I quickly retrieved it - it was an envelope containing Daughter 2's brand new drivers license (which took her two trips to the DMV and hours of time to get). No damage done. At the moment he is sound asleep in hubby's recliner looking very cute and innocent.

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