Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gratuitous Hexie Photo

I felt the need this morning to post some hexies. This is The Hexie Blog, after all! Okay. Done.

The lake is like glass this morning, smooth and glistening. We're getting out this morning to go boating. This afternoon will be very hot - almost too hot to go jump in a lake. We'll stay in during the hot hours, napping and watching TV. In general we are relaxing, which hubby and I both need.

Meanwhile, I can keep an eye out on my house (and house sitters) at home: the Auburn house has camera all around both inside and out. We can access the camera feed live on our devices. Kind of cool! I can see the sitters's cars out front. I can see that they turned off some lights.

Cooper is currently resting up for his morning of fun. Hubby and I are drinking coffee and watching the news. I have some Hexie Love work to accomplish before we go outside. I hope you have a relaxing day as well!


  1. Need to relax just a bit more -- no posting??

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